Why I Wrote This Book

I wrote this book to give back to the next generation the fundamental insights I’ve gathered in my 25 years of doing computer performance work.

What’s Cool About This Book?

For a performance book, this one has several unique features:

  1. It works for any collection of computers you have. It teaches you how to use whatever meters they give you and how to discover more about those meters than the documentation reveals.

  2. No complex math needed, yet it allows you to easily use some fairly advanced techniques.

  3. It helps with the human side of performance. It shows you how to get help and how to present your findings (good or bad) all the way up to the CIO level.

  4. It is full of practical advice from someone that has been there and done good work on live systems and websites all over the world.

  5. It is reasonably priced (less than $20USD) in all formats.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

  See what I’ve done at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bobwescott

  Come see me give the tour at: http://www.benjerry.com/scoop-shops/factory-tours 

    If I can retire in my mid 50’s and have this much fun, then I most likely did good work and have have something to teach you.


  On the iPad from iTunes at: The Every Computer Performance Book

  In Paperback from Amazon at: The Every Computer Performance Book
  Or read the blog at: The Every Computer Performance Blog


Solve Performance Problems on Every System From Now Until The End of Time

This is a short, practical, occasionally funny, book on how to solve computer performance problems. It covers:

  1. Choosing The Right Tools For The Job

  2. Useful Laws and Things I’ve Found To Be True

  3. Performance Monitoring

  4. Capacity Planning

  5. Load Testing

  6. Modeling

  7. Presenting Your Results

  8. Bob’s Performance Rules